Our first large and unusual table is for sale here– it seats up to 20 and is a talking piece, ideal for a boardroom, patio or restaurant.

We nicknamed it the “giant table” as it’s so big, and as we put the finishing touches on it, we are looking for a forever home for it.

If you are interested in exploring having this table in your home, business or restaurant, get in touch soon. As then we might be able to tailor some details to suit your venue, style and preference.


Here is some information on how we found this wood at the old engineering factory, and the journey it has taken to date:

We have explored so many options for the top of the table, from resin to glass, and are settling on adding a large piece of glass on top of the wood. Unless of course, you have a preference for something else?

We finished focusing on the task of fixing the few patches of wood that need to be restored, and worked out how to add “feet” to the table legs, so they will be protected and protect the floor they rest on.


  • This table is made from an old prototype of a table used in the mines years ago, to seperate gold ore.
  • It has a most unique angular shape.
  • Two edges are square, whereas the other two edges are rounded.
  • The wood is meranti wood.
  • The frame is made from angle iron, with decorative additions from old motorcycle sprockets with metal pieces and bolts found in the old engineering factory.
  • We estimate it can seat up to 20 people.
  • 4.5 meters long by 1.7 meters wide.

Contact Telana on 0837302979 or hello@industrialdecor.co.za to explore if this is your next big table.