We’ve had a few weeks of organising and strategising, and most excitingly learning AND rebranding!

Yes, we are working on our brand, and aim to launch our new look and logo soon!

Plus we sent Sean to a course to learn more about resin – as it’s still our vision for our giant table, to encase our old wood table top in some epoxy resin.

This will give a glass finish and modern twist, encapsulating the weathered looking wood to protect it, and make even more functional as a boardroom or dining room table.

We’ve also spray painted, with a clear coat, our frame for the giant table. After hours of sand papering it, we had to make a makeshift spray-booth.

This was in what Telana calls the attic room (it’s the room where up above she found most of the smaller old wooden moulds that she salvaged! This photo is of her carrying the moulds down the ladder.)

The ‘attic room’ with our table frame
Setting up the compressor.
Makeshift doorway, from some canvas and shelving
Sean busy at work, giving the frame a clear coat of paint.
Both of the wood prototypes had to sit outside the spray-booth, under their old rubber matting for protection till the next steps with them.

In the meantime, part of enjoying the summer heat here, has meant Telana had the legs of our giant table out in the direct sun.

They were still pretty soaked with oil from years of being worked on as a bench top in the engineering factory. And the sun’s rays did wonderful work indrawing out the oil, for Telana to wipe away.

So progress all around!