About Us

There’s something alluring about salvaging something old from being ignored, reclaiming it, and creating something new and beautiful from it.

There’s something special about a bespoke, unique item that once had a different purpose, but now is revitalised, serving a new purpose in a different context.

There is something gratifying and enjoyable about looking at an old, dusty item, experiencing a creative flash and seeing its potential, and then physically with our hands unfolding that potential, to then share its new found beauty with others.

We enjoy working with wood and metal that we salvage and turn into furniture, art and decor items.  All our items have a uniqueness about them, and an industrial chic kind of flare.

We hope you enjoy marvelling at the creativity in each item, and in joining us in our values of repurposing the old into one of a kind, individual and often never to be repeated, decor items for your home, office or restaurant.

Yours in creativity,

Sean & Telana

Sean Danielson

Creator & Motorbike Enthusiast

Telana Simpson

Creator & Courage Coach
Industrial Decor

| Beautiful items made from reclaimed industrial equipment and wood |

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