We've been working on our giant wooden table, that has an usual shape because it was originally a prototype for
One of our finds at the old engineering factory is these two wooden prototypes of the "James Table" - one
For our limited edition Simco Range of industrial furniture and art, we are keeping them in their original condition as
It's taken a few months, but we've cleaned up this collection of some of the smaller, old engineering moulds and
moulds, getting ready to be made into coffe tables
From our old factory wood supply, here are two soon to be industrial coffee tables.  They will make a nice twin set.
and showing us her tail feathers
These pieces might become some industrial wall art, mirrors or even lamps. We think our visitor is a female Lesser Kestrel
Here's our first industrial style mirror from our engineering mould range.  We found two similar, silver round moulds that lent
shelves in the attic
For part of our Industrial Art Furniture Simco Range, we used a whole collection of sand moulded casting patterns that
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