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Old is the new new.

“As creative reusers, we aspire to upcycle items that once had a life of service and use, but might have become considered useless or unwanted. 
We transform these mostly industrial or mechanical parts into decorative pieces of art and function, giving them a new lease of life and usefulness, and improving their quality and value in today’s world.
We hope you enjoy exploring our creations on our website, and perhaps taking them into your homes and offices, to enjoy them in person.”

– Telana & Sean

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This light hangs from a ceiling or beam, and is an old starter clutch gear from a Harley Davidson 750
Parts of motorbikes, joined together can create a steam-punk style stand for your headset. Just like this one. It is
This wooden lamp that hangs from the ceiling or overhead fixture, is one of a kind. It is made from
This mould has two pieces with barrel shapes, and is made out of wood. Both moulds are attached to glass,
This coffee table was made from an old, wooden engineering sand casting pattern mould. Its title ‘JA-916’ is the part
Motorcycle parts, including some Honda sprockets and chain, and various sized all bearings, were used to make this clock. The
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