We turned over the table top on our most recent session working on our giant table. It was exciting, and left us staring at it for a while, discussing what we could do about the few splintering bits, and what, if anything, to put on top. Resin? Or glass?

If you recall, the wood is meranti, and it is from an old prototype of a table used in the mines, and had been sitting outside the old engineering factory for a few decades, covered with a thick rubber mat.

Under the mat was this: beautiful black and red colours painted on the wooden slats, that really showed up when we gently washed the surface.

Sean was busy on the legs, sanding the ones down to fit into the metal frame, and adding more metal supporting bits.

While Telana, with some help from friends, cleaned the underside of all the dust, and then with the help of our neighbours, turned it over. Telana then had the job of removing more abandoned spider nests and webs from the cracks and old nail holes.

She also found these metal bits, that we had to remove from the sides of the table.

So now, we are researching what our next steps and options are for restoring and preserving the table top, and we’re leaning towards working with epoxy resin… so much to learn!