The frame for our giant table is taking shape.

We started this project a few months ago.

Then we found legs – some wood beams that we are cleaning and shaping to add to our frame.

And we spent some time cleaning and looking at and trying to decide what to do with the table top – the main feature of this giant table.

Our last visit was mostly to finish the welding on the frame, where Sean added some more pieces to the frame, to help attached the legs and keep it sturdy.

These red pieces came off the wall in a workshop at the old factory, and Sean spent ages drilling and filing square holes into them.

This is so that the cup-square bolts that we also salvaged from the factory, can fit correctly and firmly.

Telana and Gladstone just kept at cleaning the wooden legs, as some have so much oil soaked into them.

It’s taking a while to draw it out and prep the wood for the next stage.

Now that the welding is done, it’s time to strip off the red paint, polish the frame, and then give it a nice clear coat for some shine and protection.