The Simco Range of industrial furniture and art

Telana, after carrying down the moulds from the ‘attic’

Telana salvaged a whole lot of old wooden moulds from her family’s old engineering company that has closed down.  She and Sean are making this range of industrial style furniture, wall hangings, and art out of these highly unique finds.

We’re calling this our limited edition Simco Range, after the old engineering firm.

Here you will find our Simco Range items available for purchase, as we make them (and some that are sold already):

The Simco Range will be made in the original condition of the moulds.  If you want something in a more modern, retro style, then contact Telana on 0837302979 and we’ll sand and paint it to suit your preferences.

(Find out more here about the original condition vs repainted look.)

(And here’s a sneak peak at what is coming soon.)

What the old Simco Factory looked like before being dismantled:

Some moulds found in the ‘attic’, on old wooden shelving:

Contact Telana on 0837302979 if you have any questions or require something custom made from our Simco Range.

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