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This charming side table has an artistic flare, from all the paint splats and wear and tear, making it a talking piece in any room.

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This bench can make a great centre piece in an entrance hall to keep your keys and what have you, on.  Or it could be a sideboard, used in the dining room for serving food or for displaying serving dishes. 

The wire holding the front piece together is one of the more enchanting parts of this bench, along with the very uneven bench top, which we we will cover with thick glass to make it more functional, yet show off the wear and tear of this charming table. (We are only getting the glass cut once it’s been sold).

The old bench is in it’s original condition and has not been changed since being salvaged from the old factory.  it could be between 40 and 70 years old, and was used to paint parts on, assemble parts, and even work on engines with grease!

We’ve just cleaned all the grease and grime off it, and uncovered the colourful paint splats that give this piece is artist character.

Wood Type: we have no idea, but the top looks like old railway sleepers.

Dimensions of table:

  • Height: 101 cm
  • Width: 71 cm
  • Length: 214.5 cm
  • Weight: tbc

Price R 19750.00

Each item is so unique, that delivery options are tailored to your needs, and the items criteria. Contact to find out more and get a quote for a delivery fee. SPECIAL NOTE – Delivery of this Bench with it’s glass top will take up to 2 weeks from time of payment, due to the glass being cut specially to fit this table, only upon order.

History: This bench is part of our Simco Range, and was reclaimed from an old engineering company that was closing down.  The founder started the family business in an old cow shed in Johannesburg, and grew it over many years to a thriving 1400 square meters factory, servicing mostly the mining industry.

Uniqueness: We’re excited about this reclaimed wood, as each piece is unique, and makes unusual, industrial looking pieces of furniture and art that won’t be found again.  This is because this wood is aged from actual use in a factory over many decades.

Additional information

Dimensions 214.5 × 71 × 101 cm


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