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This industrial style wall art was made from an old wooden engineering mould

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This piece is entitled ‘Black Lines’.

A two-piece, old, wooden engineering sand casting pattern mould, that was used to make a part of a machine at the mines over 40+ years ago, has been mounted on glass and framed.

Appears to be floating, and is complimented by it’s cousin, the Industrial Wall Art entitled ‘Black Barrel‘.   The machine part made by this is a smaller version of the larger version in the ‘Black Barrel’ pattern mould.

The wood used for the frame is reclaimed wood.  The mould is original and has not been changed since being salvaged from the old factory.  Silicon has been used to attach it to the glass, in order to preserve the wood.


This pattern mould is part of our Simco Range, and was reclaimed from an old engineering company that was closing down.  The founder started the family business in an old cow shed in Johannesburg, and grew it over many years to a thriving 1400 square meters factory, servicing mostly the mining industry.

These moulds were used in the sand moulded casting process to make the parts, and had been sitting gathering dust on shelves in the attic of the factory for many years.


We’re excited about this reclaimed wood, as the pattern moulds are each unique, and lend to unusual, industrial looking pieces of furniture and art that won’t be found again.  This is because today parts are made with computers, and it’s not common anymore to use the old wood and sand moulded casting process.

Price R 3975.00

Each item is so unique, that delivery options are tailored to your needs, and the items criteria. Contact to find out more and get a quote for a delivery fee.

Wood Type: Mould pattern believed to be meranti wood.

Dimensions of each Mould:

  • Height: 82 mm
  • Width: 205 mm
  • Depth: 50 mm

Dimensions of the entire Frame with moulds:

  • Height: 450 mm
  • Width: 450 mm
  • Depth: 55 mm
  • Weight: 2.2 kg

Additional information

Weight 2.2 kg
Dimensions 450 × 450 × 55 cm


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