One of the pieces we are busy working on as well, is this interesting table.

We found this wooden bench in the one workshop at the old engineering factory. It was along the wall, next to the bench which we found the wooden planks that are becoming the legs of our giant table.

This bench must have been used for lots of painting, we discovered, after we cleaned off the dirt and grease that it was caked with.

Here’s a closeup of the difference a bit of the right kind of grease, as in elbow grease, can make:

Here are some of the details of this interesting bench – the wire holding part of it together, the draw, the art splatters.

Oh, if this bench could tell us what was built and painted on it!

It’s going to make a great talking point in someone’s workshop, entrance hall, or even dining room as a sideboard, perhaps? What do you think?

Whatever it becomes, we’ve nicknamed it the Artist Bench for now.