For our limited edition Simco Range of industrial furniture and art, we are keeping them in their original condition as much as possible.

This range is made from salvaged wood from an old engineering company that has closed down.

The pieces, in their original condition, show the rough etchings, markings and old hand writing of the hundred-strong staff who have worked over the last 40 to 70 years with these wooden moulds at the old Simco Factory.  Some items have layers of paint on them, in many colours. Some have a type of delicate, silver dust coating that comes off easily.

All the pieces are carefully cleaned, and then made into furniture, or art.

However, if you would prefer a  more modern, retro and polished look, rather than the old, industrial right-off-the-workshop feel, then we will sand the item down, and repaint it to your preference.

To show you the difference, here is one of our coffee tables in it’s original condition:

Here is the same table, sanded down on the outside only, and varnished, to give a “cottagey yellow tone” to it.

Here we resanded the table, and then added a different type of varnish, giving it more of a grey, industrial hue.

Contact Telana on 0837302979 if you have any suggestion and would like  some industrial furniture or art custom made. (We’re based in Johannesburg, but will deliver anywhere in South Africa).