Our newest member!

We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Industrial Decor tribe: Our Emco Star This was originally Telana’s father’s pride and joy in his home garage – bought in 1973! Here is a photo of him with Telana’s brother, building a train set that was many hours of fun for them all. You can see the emco star in the background: After Telana’s father tragically died, it was given to a good family friend who enjoyed many…

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Our makeshift spray-booth

We’ve had a few weeks of organising and strategising, and most excitingly learning AND rebranding! Yes, we are working on our brand, and aim to launch our new look and logo soon! Plus we sent Sean to a course to learn more about resin – as it’s still our vision for our giant table, to encase our old wood table top in some epoxy resin. This will give a glass finish and modern twist, encapsulating the weathered looking wood to…

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It’s built!

This weekend Sean bolted on the wooden legs, and we finished building the frame. We then managed to put the whole giant table together to get a glimpse! And WOW! It is big and bold and beautiful! We went from this: to this: The last phase is to paint the frame, and add resin to the wooden top to preserve it, and give it a glass finish! We sanded the metal frame, and so it’s prepped now, ready for us…

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Giant Table’s Frame- an update

The frame for our giant table is taking shape. We started this project a few months ago. Then we found legs – some wood beams that we are cleaning and shaping to add to our frame. And we spent some time cleaning and looking at and trying to decide what to do with the table top – the main feature of this giant table. Our last visit was mostly to finish the welding on the frame, where Sean added some…

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The top of our Giant Table

We turned over the table top on our most recent session working on our giant table. It was exciting, and left us staring at it for a while, discussing what we could do about the few splintering bits, and what, if anything, to put on top. Resin? Or glass? If you recall, the wood is meranti, and it is from an old prototype of a table used in the mines, and had been sitting outside the old engineering factory for…

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Introducing our ‘Artist Bench’

One of the pieces we are busy working on as well, is this interesting table. We found this wooden bench in the one workshop at the old engineering factory. It was along the wall, next to the bench which we found the wooden planks that are becoming the legs of our giant table. This bench must have been used for lots of painting, we discovered, after we cleaned off the dirt and grease that it was caked with. Here’s a…

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We found legs!

We’ve been working on our giant wooden table, that has an usual shape because it was originally a prototype for the James Table – used in the mines to separate gold ore from ore in general. We’ve had to take off a few pieces around the edges, and Sean has been welding a frame together out of angle iron. Well- we have now found legs for our table! We had been thinking about these three planks that had been used…

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Giant Wooden Table

One of our finds at the old engineering factory is these two wooden prototypes of the “James Table” – one of the products the factory was known for. They had been leaning against this brick wall for a couple of decades, but the wood has been protected by a thick rubber covering. It took a truck and a team of helpers to move them into a temporary workshop, where we started working on them just before lockdown. After inspecting them,…

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Original condition of salvaged wood vs sanded & varnished?

For our limited edition Simco Range of industrial furniture and art, we are keeping them in their original condition as much as possible. This range is made from salvaged wood from an old engineering company that has closed down. The pieces, in their original condition, show the rough etchings, markings and old hand writing of the hundred-strong staff who have worked over the last 40 to 70 years with these wooden moulds at the old Simco Factory.  Some items have…

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