We’ve been sharing live videos on Facebook and Instagram of our journey into resin, where we are encasing an old engineering pattern mould in the resin.

It is made of wood and painted a light, greyish blue, and was slighlty damaged in a fire which gives it such character.

We’ve finished all the resin pours, and now we are busy with the gruelling step of sanding and smoothing the edges.

Also Sean is looking for the right steel to make the frame he has designed in his mind, a reality.

Here is the collection of live’s, if you would like to go on the journey from the second resin pour, to where we are today with making this coffee table.

Unmoulding the resin table for the first time – such excitement! Even friends and family came to watch ūüôā And then we had to put it back into a larger mould to do the final pour (our first mould we didn’t make high eough, dooh!)

And then you can see the new addition to our family, our new Emco-Star sidekick, in action as we skimmed the edges to make them straight in this next post here.