Some of our current projects are in various stages of completion.

Like Sean’s latest side table made from motorcyle parts, which lent itself to a resin finish, is now, well, finished! We poured the last resin layer on the weekend, with Jasper our jack russell watching intently, and now we can list it in our shop.

In the theme of practice for our giant table resin pour, we’re also revamping this little wooden tray that Sean’s mother originally made as one of her first decoupage craft projects. We decided to revamp it, with some resin, and so the first pour was this bright blue river across it.

Telana’s also working on a sign, related to her coaching slogan. The letters are from Stuart of PropSign, and after much searching, she’s found these two pieces of wood to possibly use. The one with slates was once a floorboard by one of the old engineering machines in her grandfathers factory. Many people stood on it for years, working the machine, and she’s leaning towards that one now that it is cleaned up. The other piece of wood had some surprise, brightly colour paint splashes on it under all the oil.

She’s been cleaning all the metal filings and oil off of them, and soon the piece she chooses will go back to Stuart for him to add the letters on some small standoffs, so they stand above the wood.

If you have a slogan you’d like to have hanging in your office or home, let us know and we’ll make it for you with Stuart’s beautiful brass lettering.

Here’s a little clip of the resin pouring, if you’re curious: