We’d like to introduce you to the newest member of the Industrial Decor tribe:

Our Emco Star

This was originally Telana’s father’s pride and joy in his home garage – bought in 1973! Here is a photo of him with Telana’s brother, building a train set that was many hours of fun for them all. You can see the emco star in the background:

After Telana’s father tragically died, it was given to a good family friend who enjoyed many years of making wooden picture frames and furniture for his family and friends, using the emco star.

He sadly also passed away not that long ago, and his son graciously gave the emco star back to Telana and Sean.

It is now returned to it’s original spot in the garage, and we’ve been reading up how to use it, and planning some projects to get fully acquainted with the newest member to our team.

We’re so proud! and excited for what’s to come with our Emco Star’s help.

[The Emco star is a 6-in-1- beast of a beautiful machine! It’s got a table saw, a belt sander, a lathe, bandsaw, disc sander, and surface planer. And it has many attachments that can be fitted to it.]