Here’s to a fabulous and wonder-ful new year!

(That’s our giant table we’re saying ‘cheers!’ from, with the other piece that maybe one day we will also make into a table, behind us!)

We have had some delays over the festive season with getting our friend’s truck to move our giant table to the new workshop, for us to do the resin part. So hopefully by the end of January that will take place.

In the meantime, we have started another smaller coffee table, in a warm-up run to the giant table resin session.

We have a possible set of four light blue patterns which seem to go together, which we got from the old engineering factory.

Yet the one is more worn than the others, and so lends itself to being put into resin to preserve it and make it functional.

It is slightly damaged from a possible fire (there’s a burnt patch on the one side) and from water (!) – if only it could tell us the stories about it’s survival.

So we are going to resin this piece into a table top for a coffee table, and need to then decide on some legs for it.

The other three patterns we will be making into wall hangings, that could go with the coffee table, in a nice little nook of a lounge.

Sean got to use our emco star to make the mould for this coffee table resin pour, and it works like a dream!

And Telana cleaned and tried to restore some bits of the old pattern.

Now the mould is ready and waiting for us to do the resin part. Can’t wait!

During the holidays we also got a call from Lantz, our friend and insta-follower.

Lantz is also into making all sorts of things and he had some spare parts of an emco star that he didn’t need anymore, and he gave them to use! How super! (THANK YOU LANTZ!)

We also got some of his lovely beloved honey – so if you want real, raw Joburg honey, get in touch with him. 🙂