If you are a keen cyclist – both road cycling and mountain biking – you’ve probably entered a few races, and have a few shiny medals to show off. A few momentos to keep as a reminder of the good rides – and the tough ones!

Also for runners, those medals will be in a pile in the cupboard!

Our medal holder is made out of used parts from bicycles. And next time you have to replace the chain and sprockets on your bicycle- bring the old ones to us and we’ll make you an epic holder for those medals!

If you don’t have any old parts – we salvage them and can make a holder for you from the parts we find.

Each one will be unique because they are made to order, and because it depends on what bicycle parts are available to be used.

The holder is also clear coated to protect the metal, and so has a gloss finish. It takes 2 nails to hang up on the wall, and you loop the ribbons of the medals on the chain part.

Price: R 450.00

The one in the photo has Sean’s medals on, and is 580mm wide.

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Each item is so unique, that delivery options are tailored to your needs, and the items criteria. Contact to find out more and get a quote for a delivery fee.