SMD Motorcycles Range

This light hangs from a ceiling or beam, and is an old starter clutch gear from a Harley Davidson 750
This Owl can be used as a paperweight or an ornament, and is made out of used parts from motorcyles. 
Parts of motorbikes, joined together can create a steam-punk style stand for your headset. Just like this one. It is
Used parts, like sprockets and chains, from a Honda motorcycle were used to make this lamp. The centre piece is
Motorcycle parts, including some Honda sprockets and chain, and various sized all bearings, were used to make this clock. The
Side table, ideal for next to a couch for that cuppa coffee, or by your bedside, for that glass of
This lamp looks like a rocket launching, made with used motorbike parts. It is made of a SYM 125 gearbox
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